Macagi has always used raw materials and components which are resistant not only to atmospheric agents, but also to acts of vandalism; whilst respecting the environment.

Wood of northern pines treated in autoclave with nontoxic salts and with RAL certification, is used as main material for our games and furniture. The type of wood is lamellar or solid, which is employed for bearing posts of games, anti-slip grounds and bench seats. The round posts are of hard-core type to avoid unaesthetic cracking and they are used mainly for swings, fences and various games.

Polyethylene: the material of the future; it does not require any maintenance, is mass-coloured and does not lose colour with time. This material is completely recyclable.
Rotational polyethylene: made by a rotational moulding for the realization of finishes like slides, roof, panels and tunnels. It is hollow and with no welding and tensions.
PE-HD Polyethylene: Highly thick and compact polyethylene, mainly used for panels, profiles and parapets. Anti-slipe black version for platform of some articles.

Pressure die-cast Aluminium: this prevents the corrosion of bearing posts, couplings and feet of some games and the internal part of child’s chairs.

Anti-slip and anti-warm Rubber as a covering for landings and ladders of some lines and is also shock-resistant for the covering of different models of child’s chairs.

Durable Stainless  Steel and die-cast steel for the metal accessories like handles, slide exits, slide tracks, chains, game feet of roundabouts, springs, small parts of the urban furniture and screws.

Spheroidal cast iron with optimum mechanical and ductile features that avoid any breaks caused by sudden impacts. We use this material to produce mainly bench supports, basket stands, speed-bumps and fountains.

Nylon PA 6 that is moulded by injection and used to produce accessories with excellent anti-shock features. Handles and footrests of the spring games, Shroud knot, caps and cap covers for screws, protection caps for squared and round posts.

Marine rope, made with a  mixed cable with flexible steel strands with a multi-fiber textile  polyester cover. This material is used for climbing and crossing bridges.

White Cement mock travertine. Reinforced, vibrated, smoothed and treated on the surface to avoid deterioration of the protection against atmospheric agents and urban smog, and used for the whole “Stone” Line. 

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