Maintenance contracts

The shortage of staff in various public areas is what often causes the partial abandonment of these environments. MACAGI, in order to overcome this increasingly growing demand, has made it possible for all customers to use it's maintenance service called "Standard Service".
This service is divided into two contracts:

1- Supervision Contract “Standard Service”.
2- Technical Assistance Contract “Standard Service”.

1 – Supervision Contract "Standard Service".
The signing of the Supervision Contract "Standard Service" includes:

  • An investigation which is carried out by one of our qualified technicians for each and every playground indicated by you, with relative census and protocol, divided into categories of  the products belonging to the various merchandise families to therefore quantify once and for all, the number of playground pieces and/or urban furniture, that are present in a single public park.The availability of a report (photographic reporting released on DVD, about the individual equipment and furniture, and the name of the park) including the survey results indicating any actions to be taken in order to comply with various playground  equipment and related substrates in accordance with the applicable standards: EN 1176 - 1177 of 2008

2 - Technical Assistance Contract "Standard Service"
The signing of the contract for technical assistance includes:

  • Annually programmed maintenance interventions, prepared for each type of playground equipment. These include:
  • Control: functional verification of all the equipment that is both fixed and moveable, such as ropes, rigging, chains, clips, slides, poles, chairs, stairs, etc.
  • Prevention: greasing, lubrication, cleaning and tightening of all fixed or loose equipment, replacement of damaged or missing plastic caps that cover the poles.
  • impregnation: only by express request of the customer.
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